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Sunday Web Design Roundup 11/22/2009

This Sunday's collection of random links is all related to setting up this blog, security and upgrades. This, plus a cold and a vacation, have meant that setting up the blog has taken a lot longer than 60 minutes.  But once it's all assembled i'll put together a single post with a more streamlined system.

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Setting up a blog in under 30 minutes

I found a useful tutorial on setting up a blog quickly, so I'm working through it.

It might be a little out of date, but the process still seems sound.

  1. Get the lastest version of WordPress, download and install
  2. Find a new wordpress theme with a good layout and upload
  3. Login for the first time and activate askimet plugin with API key. I also upload and enable Stats plugin using the exact same API key.
  4. Add first “welcome to the site” post, delete default post
  5. Delete first comment and “hello dolly” plugin
  6. Under “Settings->Permalinks” enable “custom” /%postname%/ for clean SEO friendly url’s
  7. Click update to .htaccess file, if it fails make .htaccess writeable
  8. Update the list of ‘ping’ services in ‘Settings->writing’. Be default there only one, and you want to notify as many services as possible every time you post.

(Bold points are my edits due to differences in terminology on my installation.)

Check out the original site for lots of useful links and extra information:

PS/ This is me at step 4.

Additional points I've discovered so far:

  1. Hello dolly plugin was disabled by default.
  2. Deleting the first post deleted the first comment.
  3. Didn't seem to need to update my .htaccess. I gather it pops up a message if you do.
  4. To enable ping services I first need to go to 'Settings->Privacy' and enable search engines/technorati, etc...
  5. The 'Settings->writing' section then seemed to be set up to ping automatically, which seems to be all you need.
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