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Weekly Web Design Roundup (January 26 2010)

I'm currently trying to wrap my head around HTML5. I can't quite work out if it's a great leap forward, or just a confusing over-complication. Also working on my nameplate site and the site connected to this blog. In the meantime:

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Sunday Web Design Roundup (10 Jan 2010)

Fridays are for extremely delayed sunday roundups due to the new year holiday. A reasonably random collection of posts to read up on while listening to your favourite music.

  • Automatically make XML sitemaps for Google and other search engines

  • "Here is a categorized list of online programming books available for free download. The books cover all major programming languages: Ada, Assembly, Basic, C, C#, C++, CGI, JavaScript, Perl, Delphi, Pascal, Haskell, Java, Lisp, PHP, Prolog, Python, Ruby, as well as some other languages, game programming, and software engineering."

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