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Weekly Web Design Roundup (7 April 2010)

Thursdays are for working on the company website, but that's OK because it's raining outside and I went to see the stunning cherry blossom in the sun yesterday. Some of these links came up in my search for an elegant CSS Reset/Typography Reset, and the rest are related to the same topic.

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Weekly Web Design Roundup (January 26 2010)

I'm currently trying to wrap my head around HTML5. I can't quite work out if it's a great leap forward, or just a confusing over-complication. Also working on my nameplate site and the site connected to this blog. In the meantime:

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Sunday Web Design Roundup 11/22/2009

This Sunday's collection of random links is all related to setting up this blog, security and upgrades. This, plus a cold and a vacation, have meant that setting up the blog has taken a lot longer than 60 minutes.  But once it's all assembled i'll put together a single post with a more streamlined system.

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