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Weekly Web Design Roundup (5 May 2010)

Colourful inspiration, and busy work.  Updating wordpress always seems to be more of a pain than I remember. Each time. Can't wait for version 3 though, and multiple blogs on one installation. That'll make for a lot less busy work.

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Weekly Web Design Roundup (23 February 2010)

Tuesdays are for looking at colors and pretty posts:

Between other work, I've been working on a nameplate site. As there aren't any clients except myself, I've decided to use HTML5 and CSS3 - so it's been an interesting learning experience.

Both new specs are still in flux, and both have their impressive elements, and their rather confusing parts. Hopefully they'll iron out the wrinkles and they'll fulfil their potential. Right now it seems like it could go either way.

Of course, I still want my site to degrade gracefully for older browsers that can't handle HTML5 and CSS3, and dealing with Internet Explorer's (5, 5.5, 6, 7 and 8) weak points and idiosyncracies is always 90% of the battle.. even more so with things like CSS3's transparency and shadow options.

It's almost done now, so it's the home stretch of testing and bug fixing. But in a spare moment I at least had time to update the tomdot twitter background.